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Building Character

There are so many good reasons to join KungCA. We believe that martial arts are a gateway to improving your life in so many ways. Some arrive at our studio in search of developing confidence, physical fitness and street smarts. Others are looking to generate a sense of courage and inner peace.

There are even those that are drawn to this art form due to their love of the culture and tradition that it embodies. Whatever your motivation, you will discover an inspiring world of self-transformation. Join us! You will be so grateful you did.


Proper Etiquette

At our Kung Fu School, rules and conduct are important. Shoes must be removed upon entering the studio. Class begins on time and punctuality is a core part of our belief in discipline and respect. If you are late, please go directly to the dressing room and promptly change into your uniform. When you are ready, quietly sit at the back of the room until the instructor formally invites you to join the class.

For safety reasons, please make sure that all jewelry and other accessories are left in the dressing room. Mobile phones cannot be brought to class. Let’s work together to create a successful training session!

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